Far beyond the typical class formats commonly seen, our Yoga process is personalized and begins with whatever level you are the moment you step onto your mat. The benefits of greater flexibility, balance, strength, mindfulness, energy, peace and joy, all combine to provide an exercise experience that integrates a way of life.


|   Private Classes  |

Please Contact Galiyogasj@gmail.com to schedule private classes 


|  Public Classes  |


8:00PM-9:00PM     Small Group Vinyasa    |  Whole Body  |



7:15PM-8:15PM     Small Group Vinyasa      |  Whole Body  |

Whole Body Address: 1399 S. Winchester Blvd. San Jose, CA

To join a small group class please email me at galiyogasj@gmail.com



|   Corporate Classes  |






Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

Westpak Inc. 



Small Group Classes Fees: 

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